Introduction to Sandrock Psychology | Online Psychology Sessions


We are here to help you re-frame the challenges and difficulties you may be experiencing. Our approach is to identify and cultivate your unique strengths to overcome whatever it is you feel you are facing.

In this video I talk about how

  • Animal-assisted Therapy and
  • Art in Therapy

translates across into the video sessions and what you can expect during a session with me.

Video Transcript

(00:00): You’re probably wondering how Sandrock Psychology can help you at the moment. My name is Anita Perigo, and I’m going to briefly explain to you how my style of animal-assisted therapy and art in therapy translates across into the video sessions that we’re holding today.

(00:16): First of all, I’d like to introduce you to Tszyu and Noah, the therapy dogs. The therapy dogs are always present at the studio and love to greet and cuddle with clients. They’ll be missing everyone for the next couple of months, and so, although you won’t be able to see them face-to-face, they can still be part of our sessions online. Sharing stories of the therapy dogs, and hearing stories of the beautiful animals in your life is a great way to be present in a session.

(00:49): So then of course, there’s the online art in therapy. I use a number of different mediums with art in therapy. The main one that I have traditionally used has been the coil weave, weaving with natural fibers and recycled fibers that we find in our own home. I am very, very happy to implement these into our sessions online by teaching you how to do the center and to continue doing the coil. It’s an amazing grounding activity. We can use that in our sessions, and you can also use that in your spare time in between as well to create a space of mindfulness.

(01:28): The other medium that I use is crayon or paint or pencil or Texta. There’s a couple of different activities that we can do online using those mediums. One of them is for me to set you an activity to do between our sessions. So you might be instructed to paint an art piece around a certain topic, and then you bring that to session and we explore the process around that and the emotional content of that picture and how that relates to you today. The other way that we do these sessions is we might actually complete a piece of art within the session and use that art as a way of reflecting on what we’re talking about at the moment.

(02:15): As you can see, we can pretty much do anything with technology these days. Although sometimes it glitches, sometimes it plays up and sometimes we don’t want to have a bar of it. But we’re going to really try to run our sessions the same way as we run all our face-to-face sessions. They’ll just be a little bit different with a little bit of a twist because there’ll be a screen in between.

(02:34): So if you’ve got any questions, please use the contact form on my website to shoot me a message and ask away. I hope to see you soon.